Marine insurance and protection and indemnity cover
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Marine Insurance

Cargo Insurance is ideal for any individual or company owning or responsible for goods on the move, and is involved in any of the following:-
Franchisors or Franchisees

Considering the goods at risk, Marine Cargo Insurance provides owners with essential and inexpensive peace of mind. Rather than relying on a supplier’s insurance or an unknown overseas insurer, it is prudent for owners to insure their own goods. This way, you are in control of your cargo at all times. There are several reasons for this. Firstly goods travelling around the world face a range of perils. What’s more, if things go wrong, goods owners cannot depend on conditions of carriage for compensation, which may limit the liability of the shipper, haulier or airline; or even exclude cover entirely.

Without their own Marine Cargo Insurance owners of goods may be left to swallow the financial loss themselves.

With well established connections in the UK marine insurance market including Lloyd’s we can arrange competitive and highly flexible marine insurance protection for you, whether to protect large commercial ships, cargo vessels, shipping agents, shipping manufacturers or other related risks.
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